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Juice - KS1


As from September 2015 there will no longer be juice to buy from KS1 (i.e. Reception, Years 1 & 2).  Children will still receive free school milk (for under 5's and FMS registered).  Water is available throughout the day and fruit is still supplied each day.


Tuck Money - KS2


As from September 2015 tuck money will no longer be held in the kitchen/office.  If your child is buying tuck then money needs to be brought in each day and given over the counter when buying.  Please do not hand tuck money into school, children are to keep this with them until needed at break time.



Juice       25p

Fruit        25p

Raisins   15p

Toast      20p

Whitnash Primary School


Amber - Year 6


My brother and I started school

It was so cool

We painted pictures and sang songs

The lesson of PE was very long

Whitnash school is the best

We play outside while teacher rest

Home work was always in

Adam puts his in the bin

My teacher was Mrs B

She was crazy like me

Marle Hall was the best

Adam forgot his vest

I ran away from Mr Hennelly every day

When I went out to play

Mr Hitchins, Mrs Ford will be missed

I will give them a kiss

We painted poppies red

WW1 we read all about the solders that are dead

Mrs Sykes you tell us what to do

All I want is the loo

Mrs Fulford helps me through good and bad

My SATs are done I am glad

I thank Miss Hall for taking me to Young Voices

Knowing there were lots of noises

So all year 5 going in year 6

Enjoy your Marle Hall trip.


Whitnash School is the best

Each month the school focuses on a specific value, sharing this with children parents and governors.  Children are rewarded for demonstrating the value.

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Fax:  01926 337755

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