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How we Spend our Sports Premium

Year 4 have reenacted what it would be like to have to move the huge, stone blocks that were used to build the pyramids.  We think it would have been very hard to pull the bricks along the sandy surface.  We were lucky to pull it along a carpet as the surface was smooth.

Juniper and the Pyramids
Juniper and the Big Rock!

Year 4 have been looking at writing our own news reports.  We wrote above the above event.

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Ear Protectors

We made our own ear protectors. We tested different types of materials to see which ones kept the most noise out. This was the best insulator of sound.

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Large rock fall from sky.mp4

Juniper go on an invertebrate hunt

We went on an invertebrate hunt. We found lots of creatures including spiders, woodlouse and beetles. We used a classification key to work out what some of the creatures were.

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