Welcome to Holly & Ivy Class


Holly have been very busy ...

Practising forming letters and going on a letter hunt to find things starting with 'P'.


Making story maps and acting out the  story 'After The Storm'.


Making boats for Percy and the animals to cross the river and then measuring the length of our boats.


They went on a hunt to find Percy the Park Keeper's squirrel called Sammy who had gone missing.  They searched high and low and eventually found him up a tall tree.  


Percy then came to collect Sammy Squirrel and the children asked him lots of super questions!


Reception have been learning about magnets and use a paper clip and a magnet to make a firework with the paint.

Making fireworks with paint!

Reception have been reading the story "Whatever Next" and so we decided to see if we could launch our own rocket! After a few attempts we succeeded and were very excited to see it fly.

Launching their own rocket!

We predicted what might happen when we placed the tablet in cold and then warm water.  We saw and felt the bubbles "jumping" out of the cup.  We then predicted what would happen if we did the same in a clsed bottle.  Where would all the bubbles/gas go?  We decided to then test it and loved watching the bottle fly.


We have been learning to retell the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' using actions. We have also been acting the story out in our role play Theatre.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Our focus was on Writing for our 'Stay, Play and Learn' session. All the activities set had a writing focus. Parents also enjoyed sharing the children's learning journeys and writing books with them.

Stay, Play & Learn


Pancake Madness!

Stay, Play & Learn


We enjoyed sharing our maths activities at our stay, play and learn morning. We practised our doubling with paints, completed a treasure hunt for number sentences , scanned QR codes to find a number, playdough bashing for subtraction and timing ourselves to see if we could get around our buzz wire without setting it off! Thank you to everyone who came .

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