Claude Monet

How does it make that sound?

Year 4 plucked, blew, banged and shook a range of instruments to see how their sounds were made. 

Welcome to Juniper Class


As part of our science, we investigated whether a gas weighs anything.  We weighed a range of fizzy drinks, swirled them around until all the gas had gone and weighed them again! 
Do you think gas weighs anything?

Does gas weigh anything?

Juniper have been text mapping and learning all about Claude Monet in order preparation to write a biography.  They really enjoy sharing their ideas.?

Juniper have been sharing what they know about fractions by creating a 'Fraction Fun Museum.'  They had to create different fractions using a range of equipment and write them on their sheets. 

Fraction Fun Museum

Making Ear Protectors

We investigated which material was the best insulator of sound then we used this to make ear protectors for children who do not like loud noises

Learning how to code using Scratch


Year 4 have been practising their pointillism skills. They have been painting famous European buildings.  Can you guess any of them?

Transition Day

For induction day, the new Year 4 class mummified apples and made some mummies by drawing around some of our class mates. Can you guess who is who?

lunt fort5.jpg

Roman Lunt Fort

lunt fort6.jpg
lunt fort4.jpg
lunt fort.jpg
lunt fort1.jpg
lunt fort2.jpg
lunt fort3.jpg

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