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Maple turn into Scientists

'During Science Week Year 3 became Science Teachers to our Reception class for an afternoon.  They spent time explaining to the younger children what volcanoes are, where they are found and what happens when they erupt.  They then helped the younger ones to make their very own volcano models erupt.  Miss Roger was very proud of the way all the children explained clearly what to do.  We hope that Reception will come back for another lesson soon!'

Year 3 have had a great start to the Summer Term, beginning with Code Club in their computer lessons, with help from an outside specialist.   They are starting to get to grips with computer programming using Scratch.  They began the first lesson by making a rocket fly to earth! Lots of the children have shown a real flair and talent for this skill and are looking forward to developing their skills further.

Maple Explore Leamington

As part of Year 3's local History topic we went on a trip around the town centre on Friday 29th June 2018.  We did a treasure hunt to find out all about the history of our town and then had a chance to experience one of the many restaurants that people come to Leamington to visit.


Can you work out where we are in these pictures?

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