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Meet Blue
The Dog Mentor

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Hello Everyone!


For those of you who don't know, my name is Blue and I am the newest member of staff at Whitnash Primary School.

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Having completed my training last week with the lovely lady from The Dog Mentor, I am now in school from Monday to Wednesday and will be helping with all number of important jobs around the school.


I really like stories, so I'm hoping some children would like to read to me and I'm good at cheering people up if they are sad or anxious. I have been visiting a few classrooms and they have learnt how important it is to keep the classroom clean and tidy in case I visit - I don't want to tread on any pins or staples and of course I'm always on the lookout for any tasty treats that may have been dropped!


The children have also been asked not to rush up to me. Although I really like children, it can be a bit scary if they all come up to me at once as they're so big (and some smell a bit funny).


You may see me on the gate in the morning and afternoon, as I like to keep an eye on who is here, but please just say hello and wave rather than stroking me - lots of little hands confuses me sometimes!

Each week I shall be reporting in the Newsletter about things that I have been doing, but you can also read my reports here.

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