Meet the Staff

All our staff have been appointed because they are committed to providing a safe, caring and supporting environment for your child


Mrs  D Ellison

Assistant Headteacher

Mr D Hitchins

Class Teachers

Holly - Reception

Ivy - Reception

Hazel - Year 1


Hawthorn - Year 1

Pine - Year 2

Cedar - Year 2

Maple - Year 3

Juniper - Year 4


Chestnut - Year 4

Ash - Year 5

Oak - Year 6

Mrs Jennings

Miss A Russell

Mrs C Bowyer

Mrs H Riddell & Mrs R Stevenson

Miss L McCourt

Miss J Roger

Mrs J Norris

Mr A Jones

Mrs R Ford

Miss E Brown

Miss L Simmons

Subject Leader Responsibilities​

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Other Teaching & Support Staff
Miss K Heighton                  Mr G Collins

Miss S Gilfillan                  Mr S Hennelly

Mrs L Reading                   Mrs E O'Brien

Mrs L Beard                    Miss L Hartnett

Mrs J Miller

Midday Supervisors
Miss S Gilfillan                  Mr S Hennelly

Mr G Collins                  Mrs R Middleton

Mrs S Gillatt                        Mrs T Talbot

Miss C Harrington           Mrs L Reading

Mrs J Miller


Office Staff

Miss J Hall                 Mrs N Theunissen

Site Officer​

Mr N Johnson


Miss C Harrington              Mrs J Barnes

Mrs M Sampio                       Mrs D Kaur

Breakfast Club

Mr G Collins                     Mr S Hennelly  Mrs L Reading           Miss C Harrington